Our services

We are experts in the design, installation and maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment.


Supplying of equipment

We supply the Estonian market conventional HVAC systems and geothermal heat pumps directly from the manufacturer. We offer a range of air conditioning systems for the residential, commercial and industrial use. Also we supply air filters for ventilation systems.


Design and Installation services

The design and installation process begins with an initial site survey. Following this we quote, based on our assessment of the equipment your project will need. We consider all your financial, practical and environmental needs.

Once we have determined your requirements and budget, we use state of the art software to design a system appropriate to the space, building or area involved. Be it a single computer room or whole office block, we can deliver a fully functioning system which will run smoothly and effectively.

The next stage, on receipt of an order, is the detailed design process. This may incorporate full specifications into CAD drawings and, where appropriate, we will outline different options for routing of equipment.

The project will be undertaken by our team of engineers, who are trained in all aspects of system installation and commissioning and follow strict quality control procedures that go beyond regulatory standards.

Once the project is complete and the system is operating to everybody’s total satisfaction we also offer a maintenance contract which enables the warranty on the equipment to be extended up to a period of five years.

We will put our technical expertise to work for you.


Why Have Air Conditioning Maintenance Contracts

Air conditioning, like any other mechanical equipment is requires regular servicing to keep it running efficiently.

It is a recognised fact that a regularly serviced air conditioning unit will have a far longer lifespan, will have higher performance and be more energy efficient than a unit which does not receive Planned Preventative Maintenance.

It is our experience that the vast majority of expensive air conditioning repairs occur as a result of systems which have not been subject to any regular maintenance or servicing.

Very often small problems spotted at the time of service stop them from becoming major and expensive problems later on.

The installation of your air conditioning system is a major investment. Naturally you will want to protect your investment by both prolonging the life of your system and ensuring that the air conditioning units are running efficiently and economically. To achieve this we would suggest that you enter into a Maintenance Contract which will ensure regular servicing and will help achieve the longevity and efficiency of your system for many years.

Manufacturer guarantee depends on equipment being regularly serviced, which will make a large contribution to maintaining the efficiency of any installation.

Typically when being used in a residential environment we would normally recommend two service visits per year, but for more critical use, i.e. server rooms, trading floors, retail shops and restaurants, we would normally advise that your air conditioning Maintenance Contract allows for more frequent service visits.

We are able to offer you a ‘tailor made’ Planned Preventative Maintenance contract to suit your needs which will ensure that your systems are always working at optimum performance levels.


Maintenance and servicing options

We offer flexible, comprehensive service and breakdown packages to suit your needs, from annual visits to more regular multi site call outs.

As well as offering maintenance and on-going servicing to new cooling and ventilation systems we have supplied and fitted, we are often asked to maintain and service units that we have not installed, despite the age of the systems, as we have built an excellent reputation for reliability and efficiency throughout Estonia.

We can unobtrusively, service and maintain all types of cooling and ventilation systems in all types of environments from office blocks to large industrial units by arriving on site at allocated times that suit the customer.

Maintenance it is a whole range of activities for preventing equipment failures by timely diagnosis and prevention.

The standard list of service works for split systems includes:

  1. Cleaning the air filters,
  2. Cleaning and desinfection of the evaporator,
  3. Cleaning the condenser,
  4. Cleaning and desinfection of the drainage system,
  5. Checking the operation,
  6. Checking the working pressure,
  7. Checking the joints for gas leakage,
  8. Measurement of operating currents,
  9. Measurement of operating temperatures.

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Air Conditioning Repairing

If your system is not working or cooling as efficiently as it should be, then give us a call. We can arrange to have one of our expert engineers with you, normally within 24 hours, to identify and repair the fault. Our highly qualified engineers are experienced in fault diagnosis and the repair of all major brands of air conditioning equipment.
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